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Your ability to enroll and retain students depends on how well they fit into your campus community. It’s crucial to identify the right prospects and construct an ideal audience that’s uniquely fit for your institution.
The key to recruitment and enrollment success is to take a human approach to data. We rely on our instincts and experience—not just market trends— to make it actionable. This yields more predictable, successful results.

How We Do It

right-fit students
Identify Right-Fit Students

We do a deep dive into your historical data to determine the strength of your prospect and admitted student pool. Knowing which students successfully enrolled at your institution in the past and how that impacts future yields helps lay the foundation for enrollment success.

Smart audience
Smart Audience Construction

We’ll partner with you to provide experienced consultation on your list purchase. Utilizing our search analytics and deep knowledge of the list acquisition process, our analysis is built on your institution’s identity and goals, so we can craft a list strategically and ensure your campaigns hit the mark.

Visibility and predictability
Generate Visibility and Predictability

Our understanding of your position in the market is deepened through competitor analysis, affinity analysis and in-depth application modeling. This allows us to gauge how prospects align with your institution, identify new targets and determine those able and willing to pay, so you can reallocate search funds from underperforming markets.

Polls and surveys
Leverage Polls and Surveys

Short, mobile-enabled polls and surveys provide access to real-time information so you can identify top prospects, learn why they choose to enroll at your institution or elsewhere and focus your recruitment efforts.

enhanced proprietary data
Access Enhanced Proprietary Data

Our proprietary national consumer file empowers you to make critical enrollment decisions based on over 1,000 attributes relative to wealth, education background, income, and lifestyle. It also helps us gain insight into the critical and predictive aspects of prospective students and create a stronger pool with a higher likelihood of enrollment conversion.

What We Offer

High School Feeder Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Admitted Student and parent
“Whiteboard made an immediate impression. They are accessible, they understand our distinct message, and they aren’t a one-size-fits-all company.”
Erin Finn, Senior Associate Provost for Enrollment Management

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