Targeted Student Recruitment Strategies

Uncover Value, Not Vanity

If student search has become an annoyance rather than an asset in your recruitment process, it’s time for a new strategy. Custom-tailored messaging and digital marketing strategies combined with our analytical services will help your institution extend brand recognition and aid in application and yield conversion.

How We Do It

Ditch the Template with Custom Creative
Ditch the Template with Custom Creative

Let your brand shine through with content that is completely personalized and authentic to your institution. Our flexible and collaborative process ensures that you engage students in the right way messaging that yields much more powerful results.

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Real Partnership Through the Funnel
Real Partnership Through the Funnel

Student search is an incredibly critical part of the recruitment process. Lean on a team of experienced professionals to guide the strategy. We’ll assist in all aspects of the process, from market analysis, to list acquisition, the creative process, and data analysis. Everyone from our senior leaders to our operations team are here to ensure your success.

Leverage a Strategic Engagement Framework
Leverage a Strategic Engagement Framework

Gimmicks may garner clicks, but they won’t help build your class. We enable you to identify hot prospects and fence-sitters so you can segment your follow-up, maximize your budget by strategically allocating resources, and adjust your recruitment efforts in real-time.

Tailor your channel mix and comm flows
Tailor Your Channel Mix and Comm Flows

We help you create the right mix of channels and campaign types to reinforce your brand among your desired audience. Our comprehensive approach weaves content-rich messaging, digital and print strategies, video curation to generate value and impactful results. And we’re leveraging the right channel mix for all your campaigns – like student communications, parents, guidance counselor, and yield efforts.

Seamless Data Integration from Campaign to Your CRM
Seamless Data Integration from Campaign to Your CRM

As a Slate Preferred Partner, we provide you with a seamless integration between your search campaign and your instance of Slate. Our team has expertise working with a number of CRM systems in the enrollment space, ensuring that your data is readily available at your convenience.

What We Offer

List Acquisition and Management
Search Analytics Suite
Creative Services
Targeted Campaigns for:
Guidance Counselors
Print Strategies
Social Media Campaigns
Household IP Targeting
Video Editing and Curation
Yield Campaigns
Admitted Student and parent
“Choosing Whiteboard as our search partner was a fantastic decision. They are smart, knowledgeable, collaborative, and far more flexible than I could have hoped. They have gone above and beyond in ways I have never seen in a partner before.”
Douglas Hartog, Senior Associate Dean, University of Virginia

See how UVA improved their incoming class with a personalized student search campaign.

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