A NEW APPROACH to Net Price Calculators

Aid and recruitment expertise coupled with an easy to use, institution-branded tool to clearly communicate affordability and identify student interest.
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Deliver a personalized experience to students and provide comprehensive cost information.

We Understand the Nuances of Awarding Policies.
A deep understanding of the complexities of enrollment and aid strategy is critical to the success of your net price calculator. We will effectively capture your model and eliminate time-consuming conversations around your aid strategy required by other NPC providers.
An Asset in the Recruitment Process.
Every conversation, form, or application reflects your student experience and your institution’s brand. We’ve built our NPC to ensure it is uniquely yours and that it collects the necessary data to gain further insight on prospects.
Flexibility and Function.
Our net price calculator checks all the boxes — it’s compliant, easy to complete, and clearly communicates affordability. What’s more, we do the heavy lifting in terms of managing updates and testing.

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