Enrollment Analytics, Financial Aid and Pricing Strategies

Shape Outcomes in Uncertain Times

The most effective tool for anticipating yield, achieving enrollment targets and increasing retention is a carefully calibrated allocation of merit and need-based financial aid. We not only analyze data and follow predictive models, but also provide recommendations based on common sense—taking a hard look into “why” to determine what you can actually do about it.
It’s about staying nimble, so we can adjust your strategy in real time. Timely, intuitive and interpretable data is key to informing and empowering human interactions. By refining your data and analysis, we can help you adjust your aid strategy while remaining competitive on price and achieving your long-term budget goals.

How We Do It

Leverage Data for Actionable Insights
Leverage Data for Actionable Insights

We take a dynamic approach to modeling that illuminates why students yield and ensures the accuracy of our predictions. By gleaning data from our Admitted Student and Parent Insights Survey (ASPI) and National Consumer File (NCF), we can help you improve affordability and equitable aid distribution, while also meeting your institution’s revenue and enrollment goals.

Communicate Discount Rate and Balance Enrollment Priorities
Communicate Discount Rate and Balance Enrollment Priorities

We help you understand and develop a strategy for key targets and metrics, such as discount rate, and work with you to communicate what that means to your board and president.

Evaluate Pricing Strategies for Your Institution
Evaluate Pricing Strategies for Your Institution

Our team of enrollment strategists and analysts will help you address the econometric and organizational considerations when managing large institutional shifts, such as setting published tuition and other costs.

Identify Potential Retention Issues
Identify Potential Retention Issues

By evaluating student demographics and characteristics, such as coursework, campus involvement and financial aid, we can identify potential weaknesses at both the student and institutional level that could lead to attrition.

Facilitate Long-Term Strategic Budgeting
Facilitate Long-Term Strategic Budgeting

Learn to look beyond this year to where you want to be in five years. Our multi-year enrollment budgeting tool helps you meet retention goals and ties into your institution’s roadmap for long-lasting success.

What We Offer

A Recruitment-Centered Approach
Long-Term Enrollment Budgeting and Planning
Adaptable Models for Real-Time Course Correction
Admitted Student and Parent Insights Survey
Proprietary Data Sources
(such as National Consumer File)
Pricing Strategies and Tuition Resets
Student Scoring and Retention Analysis
Tailored Financial Aid Models
Net Price Calculator
Academic Program Analysis
Custom Market Research
Admitted Student and parent
“It’s a big load off someone’s shoulders knowing that [Whiteboard is…] working with us to hit our goals – not just for this cycle, but for two to three future cycles.”
Shannon Zottola, Vice President and Dean of Enrollment Management

See how Ursinus increased net tuition revenue, decreased discount and had a near perfect cycle in every metric.

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