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Increase response rates with our short, personalized, mobile-friendly survey and gain actionable insights to positively impact your recruitment process.
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Understand and immediately leverage data from your admitted student and parent pool.

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Understanding that institutions were facing decreasing response and completion rates with traditional admitted student surveys, we built our Admitted Student and Parent Insights (ASPI) survey tool to provide colleges and universities with an easy-to-use, more personalized option for the admit pool — that also incorporates parent feedback.
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Leverage Valuable Parent Feedback
Parents play an increasingly critical role in the college selection process and their feedback is important, but how does this vary by student attributes? Our survey is built to incorporate that data so that you get a comprehensive view of your pool, quantify parental involvement, and explore trends across student groups.
Drill Deeper for Actionable Outputs
Our ASPI is laser-focused on what’s driving decision-making for students. We then take several steps to ensure your campus is planning a strategy to move forward:
  1. We use ASPI in conjunction with your applicant data and our proprietary data sources to take a close look at student populations of interest.
  2. Compare what families say they want and what they actually want.
  3. Identify where you are beating the competition, where you are falling behind, and opportunities that no one in the market is addressing.
Integrate with Strategic Enrollment Efforts
Once our Admitted Student and Parent Insights are delivered to you, we can go deeper into your recruitment process with targeted student search or financial aid strategies to build upon the momentum gained in the process. Our enrollment strategists and analysts can help you focus on communicating value that differentiates you from competition and take a recruitment-centered approach to aid awarding.

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