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Experience Matters — Especially Yours!

By Jonathan P. Epstein, M.Ed.
Senior Vice President, Enrollment Strategies

When it comes to student search and recruitment efforts, there is no doubt that experience matters — and it matters in more ways than you might think.

How so? Here’s our take on the three most important aspects of experience:

  • 1. Your provider’s experience matters
  • 2. Your prospective students’ experiences matter
  • 3. Your experience matters

Your provider’s experience

Of course, it matters how much experience your search provider has, but it matters most what kind of experience they have.

Strategy matters. We have seen countless times the powerful results of our more personalized and engaging approach. Our clients often achieve results that are dramatically higher than previous campaigns. This translates to thousands more touchpoints and deeper, more genuine interest from prospective students who interact with your search efforts.

Creative process and content matter. To break through the inbox clutter, you can’t simply send out bland, templated emails. Many search providers treat design and copy as separate silos. At Whiteboard, they are inseparable, interwoven together at every stage. This allows us to create more vibrant and compelling messages that drive much higher engagement levels.

Testing matters. Your search partner should have tested and re-tested numerous approaches and should possess the depth of knowledge to proactively share the newest best practices and paths to success. At Whiteboard, we have this experience and expertise.

Your prospective students’ experience

The experience your search efforts deliver to your prospective students matters. One can lay claim to successful tactics that generate high “response rates,” but something else matters as much if not more — the feeling that students have about your institution as they continue down the path toward determining where they will go to college.

If the messaging feels like just another sales pitch or is simply bland, does that paint a fair portrait of what it’s like to be a student at your institution?

Just like their experience matters when prospective students visit your campus, impressions are often formed and decisions are even made based on how people feel when they interact with you. Your search messages need to be a rich and authentic reflection of your institution’s identity.

Your experience

Your experience is equally important in this equation. This last component often gets overlooked, and it shouldn’t be. It matters that your search partner gives you their full attention, constant effort and creativity, and enthusiasm for their work.

Student search is the only place in the recruitment process where you, the institution, control the audience, the message, and the timing. It’s an enormous opportunity. This requires a real partnership in order to take the most advantage of the opportunity.

It matters if you have a provider who will give more, care more, and work harder for you than anyone else in order to generate outstanding results around the clock, seven days a week.

One Vice President of Enrollment recently told me, “Never underestimate the value of optimism and enthusiasm; they really make a difference.” He was so right. I know that every time I interact with someone who is passionate and positive about what they’re doing — whether it’s selling shoes, cutting hair, or ringing up groceries — it changes my experience dramatically.

“Among many things that make them outstanding partners, what I am most impressed with at Whiteboard is the team's proactive approach. With Whiteboard, it's always about going the extra mile to help us be even more successful. And we have been.” Dr. Robert (Bob) Massa, Senior Vice President, Enrollment and Institutional Planning, Drew University

“Whiteboard has delivered far beyond what I have ever experienced with other firms, going above and beyond even what they promised, time after time. And the amazing results make it impossible for me to imagine working with anyone else.” Greg MacDonald, Vice President for Enrollment Management, Lafayette College

"Choosing Whiteboard as our search partner was a fantastic decision. Working with Whiteboard has been an extremely good experience - they are smart, knowledgeable, collaborative, and far more flexible that I could have hoped. They have gone above and beyond in ways I have never seen in a partner before." Doug Hartog, Senior Associate Dean of Admission, University of Virginia

“I’ve had lots of experience working with different enrollment management service firms during my years in higher education administration. I’ve found Whiteboard to be the most creative, responsive, and flexible firm I’ve ever encountered.” Kent Devereaux, President, The New Hampshire Institute of Art

We created Whiteboard Higher Education to be the first search provider that excels at all three types of experience: the provider’s, prospective students’, and yours.

It’s who we are and why our clients achieve better results than they ever had. And it’s why they can’t imagine going back to the old way.

Give us a call at (781) 577-2755  or email to discuss all the possibilities.